Wellbeing is Key to Happy and Successful Freelancing

Hi, I’m Daniel Hall, co-founder of Working Den and like you, I was a freelancer for over 8 years.

I understand how tough freelancing can sometimes be. I know what it’s like when you suddenly find yourself with no work coming in for weeks, despite proactively looking. I understand the deep anxiety that can bring for seemingly weeks on end – how are you going to pay your bills, your rent, or mortgage? It can feel like nothing short of a nightmare.

And then there’s the flipside – getting a ton of jobs at once, and then trying to juggle them all without compromising on quality. Or picking up a fantastic new client, and then all of a sudden losing two reliable existing clients at once.

But what I discovered was the most challenging aspect of freelancing, wasn’t the career choice itself.

I genuinely want to change all freelancer’s lives for the better. That’s why I’m giving away my book The Million Dollar Freelancer for free. Enter your email address and I’ll email it to you straight away.

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The Biggest Challenge of Freelancing

The most difficult thing about freelancing is actually working from home itself – if you don’t have a healthy work-life balance.

Whether it’s the physical (and mental) burnout caused by the never-ending work day, as you are always no less than a few minutes away from your laptop. Or the bad posture, back problems and weight gain caused by spending endless hours in front of a screen without moving an inch. And of course, the stress that is unique to the freelance lifestyle.

For example: I was earning fantastic money as a hugely successfully top-rated UpWork freelancer (find out more about me on LinkedIn and Upwork), and living what my friends thought was the dream. 

But on the inside, I was struggling. A lot. This includes:

  • Burnout from long, unsustainable working hours
  • Breakdown of a 7-year relationship due to a lack of a work-life balance
  • Depression
  • Loneliness
  • Weight gain
  • Worsening eyesight: from having 20/20 vision to requiring glasses
  • Aching muscles and back pain due to a poor ergonomic setup
  • The struggle of trying to balance family life with work whilst having a newborn/toddler


I eventually ended up in a really dark place, and knew I had to find a way of making this better.

I turned my life around, and the solutions I found inspired the Working Den platform. I am dedicated to helping other freelancers avoid experiencing the debilitating lows I did:

How I Changed My Freelancing Lifestyle for the Better (And so Can You)

I set about finding solutions to the difficulties of working from home in early 2019. The life-changing journey led me to create the Working Den platform, as well as giving away my book The Million Dollar Freelancer for free (just enter your email address and it will be swiftly sent to you over email), which you can also purchase from Amazon.

Why do I do this? Because I genuinely want to make working from home a happy and healthy experience for you too. I want you to know that it is possible, and it can be sustainable. I can help you overcome freelancing challenges, and avoid some of them entirely to begin with.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to fully enjoy the freedom that led most of us to become freelancers in the first place?

I know from first-hand experience that the key to a successful working from home set up is making wellness a priority. This knowledge has inspired several features of the Working Den platform.  

How Working Den will help you

Here are just some of the features you can benefit from:

Preventing Eye Strain

Receive an unintrusive notification on your laptop or computer every 20 minutes, reminding you to take a 20-second break from your screen. Recommended by optometrists (and known as the 20-20-20 rule).

Get Fit at Home

With our online workouts, helping you to keep fit and active from the comfort of your living room, and avoid becoming sedentary whilst working remotely.

De-stressing Playlists

Feel calmer and happier with our background noise playlists, listening to the soothing sounds of nature whilst you work.

Avoid Body Pain and Stiffness

Our daily stretch videos have been created specifically for those working at home, with the help of an exercise physiologist. By doing regular stretching exercises, you can help combat neck pain or backache: both common afflictions for freelancers with a poor home office setup.

Check for Burnout

Our burnout test is created by renowned organisational psychologist and wellness coach Aylen Gomez Ovejero and research psychologist SofijaVojvodic. It identifies what stage of burnout you are in (if any) and provides you with advice on how to create a healthier work-life balance.

Be Healthier and More Productive

With our timer that uses the Pomodoro technique. You will receive a reminder at 45-minute work intervals, encouraging you to have a short break and move away from your desk. Long periods of inactivity are linked to a rise in early deaths.

Sounds Good?

 Let’s get started on your journey to a happier, healthier work-life balance at home

I genuinely want to change all freelancer’s lives for the better. That’s why I’m giving away my book The Million Dollar Freelancer for free. Enter your email address and I’ll email it to you straight away.

By entering your information, you’ll receive more update from Working Den. You can unsubscribe any time.



Stop whatever you are doing and focus on this.


Take Deep Breaths

Follow the instructions on screen or if you have sound follow the spoken instructions.
Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.



Observe your body, your thoughts, your feeling and your emotions. Is your heart racing? Are you sweating? Is your mouth dry? Are you angry? Are you worried? Are you stressed?
Do you need to be reacting the way you are?
How important is the issue you are stressed about?
Is this worth you being stressed over? Will it still be important this time next year?
What advice would you give to a friend if they were in your position?

Now take a moment and relax yourself.



Now continue on with your day, incorporating what you have just learned about the emotions you were feeling.