Happy Remote Workers = Better Staff Retention and Productivity

Both you and I know that home working is where the future of the workplace is heading. Aside from the well-known excellent cost benefits, recent world events have given many people a taste for the remote working lifestyle. Now more than ever, people are wanting to at least have the option of working from home during their careers.

But how do you make working remotely a viable long-term option? Isn’t that risky?  Not if you prioritise your remote workers wellbeing, And that’s where our platform Working Den comes to the rescue. 

Why Choose Working Den?

Why listen to us, you ask? I’ve worked as a top-rated on UpWork, million-dollar earning freelancer for over 8 years, and understand first-hand the serious toll that working from home can take… if physical and mental health isn’t made a priority.

 As a freelancer, I’ve experienced: 

  • Burnout from long, unsustainable working hours
  • Breakdown of a 7-year relationship due to a lack of a work-life balance
  • Depression
  • Loneliness
  • Weight gain
  • Worsening eyesight: from having 20/20 vision to requiring glasses
  • Aching muscles and back pain due to a poor ergonomic setup

Ultimately, the platform creates a win-win situation for remote companies and remote workers alike.

So, do you really want to risk your employees going through what I’ve gone through, and the domino effect it could have on your company?

Is it worth getting sued over staff negligence, when you could spend just $10 per member of staff per month ($0.32 per day) to avoid it?

Combining my fellow co-founder Bertie’s scientific expertise as a renowned workplace expert with Herman Miller (having worked with the world-leading workspace company since 2014) the platform is a perfect mix of scientific knowledge and experience.

But let’s be clear here: we aren’t trying to say that your staff will never experience issues whilst working from home. 

However, by signing up your remote employees to Working Den, you can tackle issues as soon as they arise, preventing them from having a detrimental impact on your organization.

Here’s why

Help Your Employees Help Themselves

With the Working Den platform,
you are equipping your remote team with a toolkit designed to look after their mental and physical health:

Creating a Healthier Safer Environment

We offer a DSE assessment (a legal requirement in the UK for people working from home) which is beneficial to every remote employee worldwide, as the test assesses the ergonomics of their current home setup, and gives tips for improvement too.

Depression Test

Employees experiencing low mood can take our depression test to check their symptoms and receive support on how to overcome it.

Boost Staff Productivity

With our timer that follows the Pomodoro Technique (world-renowned for helping people be more focused and productive). Your employees will receive a notification at 45-minute working intervals encouraging them to have a short break and to leave their desk.

Eye Strain Prevention 

Remote workers receive a gentle reminder on their screen every 20 minutes to give their eyes a 20-second break from their laptop or computer. Recommended by optometrists (and known as the 20-20-20 rule) it helps to reduce eye fatigue and eyesight damage.

Burnout Test

Burnout is a very real, common affliction when working from home, and our burnout test quickly identifies what stage of burnout remote workers are in, if any. Created by renowned organisational psychologist and wellness coach Aylen Gomez Ovejero and research psychologist SofijaVojvod, the test provides professional tailored advice.

Tackling Body Stiffness and Pain

With our daily stretch videos created by a leading exercise physiologist. Sitting down for long periods or having a poor ergonomics setup can lead to back and neck pain, which could reduce staff productivity and increased time off work. 

Stress Reduction

Help staff feel calmer with our guided breathing exercises which use the S.T.O.P method.

Workout Videos

Keep your remote employees active and reduce long-term health problems through our mood-boosting home workout routines.

With all of these features and more!

For just $10 per member of staff per month ($0.32 per day)

Can you really afford not to sign up? 

Invest in Staff Happiness, Avoid Rehiring Costs Later

Keeping remote workers happy reduces staff turnover and rehiring costs. Just take a look at the statistics:

  • High staff turnover can end up costing as much as 300% of the replaced staff’s salary
  • Eight months is the average time taken for new staff to reach full productivity (without an onboarding process)
  • Lack of productivity due to new hire learning curves, costs up to 2.5% of company revenue*

They’ll Be More Productive Too

Reap the rewards of investment: it really is a win-win for everyone concerned. A study by Oxford University (in collaboration with BT) on happiness and productivity discovered that workers are 13% more productive when happy. 

They are also more focused and work faster, helping your company grow. 

So, why wait any longer? Let’s take care of your staff’s well being today.



Stop whatever you are doing and focus on this.


Take Deep Breaths

Follow the instructions on screen or if you have sound follow the spoken instructions.
Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.



Observe your body, your thoughts, your feeling and your emotions. Is your heart racing? Are you sweating? Is your mouth dry? Are you angry? Are you worried? Are you stressed?
Do you need to be reacting the way you are?
How important is the issue you are stressed about?
Is this worth you being stressed over? Will it still be important this time next year?
What advice would you give to a friend if they were in your position?

Now take a moment and relax yourself.



Now continue on with your day, incorporating what you have just learned about the emotions you were feeling.