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Work from home schedule

The Best Work From Home Schedule For Work – Life Balance

Working from home may seem liberating – you do not have to get ready or commute to work, and you can stay in your “home clothes” all day and work from your bed. However, the remote work lifestyle isn’t all that rosy. In fact, the lack of structure can take

work from home successfully

How to Work from Home Successfully

At the beginning of this year, many companies have allowed their employees to work from home. Many find this work-from-home setup a blessing as it has a lot of perks. Many workers enjoy this shift because they get to spend more time with family or friends. Also, they can now

Tips for Working from Home with Kids

9 Tips For Working From Home With Kids

Working requires knowledge, time, effort, and dedication. With the pandemic still around, working at home has become the new norm; and this also requires a different set of skills. Working at home with kids is a whole new arena.   There are more responsibilities to think about and tasks to

Work From home Books

6 Work From Home Books To Help You Master Remote Working

The Covid-19 pandemic has fundamentally challenged what “work” means for thousands of companies and displaced millions of workers, pushing them into the gig economy. Working from home is the new norm, not the exception, as even the most resistant businesses and employees are forced to adapt.   A recent PwC



Stop whatever you are doing and focus on this.


Take Deep Breaths

Follow the instructions on screen or if you have sound follow the spoken instructions.
Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.



Observe your body, your thoughts, your feeling and your emotions. Is your heart racing? Are you sweating? Is your mouth dry? Are you angry? Are you worried? Are you stressed?
Do you need to be reacting the way you are?
How important is the issue you are stressed about?
Is this worth you being stressed over? Will it still be important this time next year?
What advice would you give to a friend if they were in your position?

Now take a moment and relax yourself.



Now continue on with your day, incorporating what you have just learned about the emotions you were feeling.